Accelerating Efficiency
with Experience

Interactive Model | Digitization & Automation | Business Intelligence

Redefine Customer Experience with Showcase

An interactive model (2D/3D) and the only marketing collateral required to sell your property

  • Unique immersive experiences of a real estate property; Interactive Digital Model which is intuitive to use, no learning curve for users
  • Track customer behaviour at unit level so that sales team can take strategic and personalised actions
'Not just tell your story, make them experience it.'

Reduce Cost, Time & Effort with Campaign Management

Integrated marketing sources and performance driven metrics for your ad campaigns

  • ‘One Dashboard’ – A keeper for marketing teams where they can track and analyse the campaigns from all real estate Aggregator Platforms, Traditional and Digital Media to choose the right medium.
  • Automating workflows across lead acquisition channels and scoring to find out best performing channel with respect to cost, no. of leads and no. of leads closed
'Marketing without monitoring is like driving with eyes closed'

Turn prospects to customers with Efficient Lead Management

Custom designed Lead Management workflows for Real Estate Industry

  • Automate allocation of leads from different channels including showcase for the sale team to organize, track and convert the lead.
  • Communication history of prospects at different phases is stored and is clearly flown among teams that handle leads at different stages.
'Efficient sales process is the key to conversion.'

Digitize your customer journey from purchase to handover

Application (web/app) to property buyers for handling all the activities from booking to handover

  • Process automation across payment reminders, KYC docs, Agreement of Sale, registration, slot booking, Handover checklist, change requests
  • Minimize your efforts with predefined templates for various agreements and maintain documentational control across teams
'After-Sales service is more important than assistance before sales'

End-to-end tool from client initial interaction to sale fulfilment with
detailed insights


Engage Customers

Bring the listing to life
with interactive visuals.


Track Campaigns

Route the investment to
where it creates impact.


Manage Leads

Keep a check on leads
across the funnel.


View Insights

Turn data into information,
and information into insight.

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Accelerating Efficiency With Experience